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Thailand, the land of rising sun and distinct beauty is destination to explore again and again. The beautiful holiday destination is ideal place to explore for honeymooners, families, couples, with friends or as solo tourist. What draws attention towards this beautiful place in South-East Asia is the beauty of splendid beaches, illustrious attractions, vibrant nightlife in Phuket, Koh Samui and Bangkok, revered Buddhist temples, beaches, greenery and above all friendly people. Before planning to book an affordable Thailand Tour Package or Thailand Holiday Packages, it is better to know about the country and destinations to explore something more.

Natural Features and Geographical Information

Being the pride of Southeast Asia tourism, Thailand is a pleasant destination full of greenery and cosmopolitan areas where you will feel everything you need during your holidays. The beautiful country is bordered by Cambodia and Laos in East and North-East; while Myanmar in northwest, Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand in West and Burma in Southeast are making it a distinct destination full of natural beauty. There is a link between Malaysia and Thailand through forested and hilly southern regions. Northern Region is famous for the highest mountains in the country. Islands, beaches, greenery and rivers are plentiful in the country to provide you a breathtaking view of Thailand.

Thai Culture, Traditions and People

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand where you can see locals in their real form who are welcoming tourists and providing them the best state of the art services and facilities. Thai people are very friendly and you can see smile on their faces always. Bangkok is called as “Venice of the East” that is famous for its floating market; while it is featuring amazing Buddhist, structures boasting spires layered with gold, elegant pagodas and massive statues of Buddha. They mainly practice Buddhism, but southern part near Malaysia is inhabited by Muslim community. You can see a remarkable impression of Indian and Chinese cultures in its food as most of the dishes are spicy; while hot chilies, basil, lemongrass, ginger, coconut milk, etc., are commonly added in the dishes to make them more delicious. Silk is produced largely through mulberry trees to make handcrafted beautiful silk clothing. People celebrate their festivals with joyous and in grand celebration.

More Information

Thailand was known as Siam until 1939 – the only country in Southeast Asia – never ruled by any European Power. However, constitutional monarchy was established here in the year of 1932; according to that King is the leader of the country who has rights to appoint Prime Minister. Country’s economy is very much depend on tourism and agriculture. Other industries are also playing pivotal role in adding extra layer of stability in economy.

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