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Tourist Attractions in Bangkok

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Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is famous for its vibrant nightlife, bars, world-class hotels, marketplaces, luxurious and lavish life and beautiful girls. During your tour to Thailand, when you plan for memorable holidays either with a group of like-minded or with your sweetheart or planning to trvel Thailand with your kids, the beautiful country has a lot more to see. There are plenty of wonderful attractions to see here. Some of them are the following.

A few of the main Tourist Attractions in Bangkok are :


During your Bangkok tour, you will see WatPhraKaew a must see attraction. Wat Phra Kaew is regarded as the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand. In this temple, the Emerald Buddha housed in the temple is a potent religio-political symbol and the palladium of Thai society. Standing on a high platform in a series, some areas are limited for entry here. No one is allowed near the Emerald Buddha except HM the King. Not to mention a seasonal cloak, changed three times a year to correspond to the summer, winter and rainy season that cover the statue. A ritual event is also organized that include changing of the robes that is performed only by the king to bring good fortune

Grand Palace

Being one must see attraction during your Bangkok tours; dazzling, spectacular Grand Palace is undoubtedly the city’s most famous landmark – the grand old dame indeed – continues to have visitors in awe with its beautiful architecture and intricate detail – all of which is proud salute to the creativity and craftsmanship to Thai people. This complex today remains the spiritual heart of the Thai Kingdom. Within the palace complex, you will see several impressive buildings that include Wat Phra Kaew or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. It contains the small, very famous and greatly revered Emerald Buddha that dates back to the 14th century. Its architectural view is wonderful to keep you surprised and to provide you a deep inside of rich culture of Thailand.


People called it locally as Wat Chaeng, Wat Arun are one of the most stunning and amazing temples in Bangkok – on the west bank of Chao Phraya River. Its riverside location and amazing and impressive design make it a must see destination and attraction in Bangkok that will surely surprise you and persuade you for wonderful holidays again and again. Wat Arun (or temple of the dawn) is partly made up of colorfully decorated spires and stands majestically over the water. The beautiful temple is also known as the Temple of the Dawn. It is absolutely stunning at sunset, particularly when lit up at night. The quietest time to visit, however, is early morning, before the crowds.

Art in Paradise

Art in Paradise is very successful interactive attraction started in Pattaya. It is now open at Esplanade Shopping Mall on Ratchada road and referred by locals as the Trickeye Museum or 3D Museum. For those who are on their tour to Bangkok and visiting Esplanade Shopping Mall on Ratchada Road, it is a must see place. Art in Paradise is great fun for couples, friends and families to spend a few hilarious hours, especially on rainy days. As far as this mall and its location is concerned, it is located on the outskirts of Bangkok, but the MRT station is right in front of the mall. It is also a place for shopping and various leisure activities.

Bangkok Dolls and Museum

Art of Thai Craft has long been a reflection of Thai People’s Creativity and ingenuity where skills are passed down for generations. Bangkok Doll and Museum is a place where you will see the display of inventiveness and the elaborate design proof of perseverance Not to mention abundance of natural materials as wicker, palm leaves, rattan and coconuts that are making it possible for Thais to produce beautiful and inexpensive handicrafts. You will see a variety of dolls in museums and in stores or find vendors bringing you a variety of products.

Batcat Museum and Toy

Being one of the most innovative and recently opened toy museums, Batcat is the largest toy museum in Thailand with a strong emphasis on the Batman character. The beautiful museum is located outside the Bangkok in the Bangkapi Area that delights memorabilia collectors and fans of the TV series and delves into the very beginning of the Batman character. Not to mention its interior as glass shelves spread acrss two large rooms and two mezzanines above them are packed with 50000 toys, magazines, games, costumes with everything and anything featuring the Batman, Superman, Masked Rider or Ultraman logo dating all the way back to 1960. If you are exploring Thailand with your children, then don’t miss to explore Batcat Museum and Toys.

AnantaSamakhom Throne Hall

Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, the centerpiece of Bangkok's own Champs Elysees, is impressive two-storey white marble palace sits at the end of Dusit's long, wide Royal Plaza that is a leafy ceremonial boulevard that's often the focus of regal pomp and ceremony during royal celebrations. It was the dream of King Rama V and he started building it in the year of 1907 that was later finished by the reign of King Rama VI. This neo-classical renaissance architecture with its central dome rules the scene just as Italian architects Mario Tamango and Annibale Rigotti intended. During your Bangkok tour, it is a must see destination that will take you to the real and ancient amazing architectural beauty of Thailand.

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