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Tourist Attractions in Phuket

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Phuket, the most attractive and fascinated destination in Thailand, has a charisma of its own; while it has something to do on and off the island. Places are remarkable to visit here; while your Thailand tour is counted as incomplete without visiting Phuket.

The main Tourist Attractions in Phuket are described below :

Laem Promthep

For professional photographers who love to capture some of the most fascinated and amazing photographs of the stunningly beautiful sunset in Phuket, they have a better opportunity to fulfill their requirement at Kaem Promthep – the pride of tourism at the south-most tip of Phuket Island – offering a memorable, unparalleled sunset moments on a clear day. It is advised to reach their early and sit back to enjoy the sun setting behind the Andaman Sea. This beautiful place is also the location of 50 feet tall Kanchanaphisek Lighthouse – erected in 1996 to celebrate the auspicious occasion of the King’s 50th Anniversary of his accession to the throne. Don’t miss to explore this attraction during your holidays in Phuket.

Marine Biological Research Centre

Located at the end of Panwa Cape, Marine Biological Research Centre (Phuket Aquarium) is a must see attraction for those who want to go inside the marine life and want to explore the real ocean world. Established in 1983 to showcases more than a hundred marine species found in Andaman sea, the beautiful center undergoes several projects to help conserve rare and near-extinct marine animals, focusing their studies on whales, dugongs, sharks, dolphins and sea turtles. During your tour to Thailand, visit Phuket and don’t miss the opportunity to explore the marine biological research centre. Visiting this beautiful marine park with your children will be the worthwhile as they will learn a lot more – even more than you have thought. For romantic couples who want to come close to Mother Nature, it is a must see place.

Laem Ka Beach

Laem Ka Beach, a unique place for various reasons, is a paradise who wants to swim in the fresh blue water and want to explore the real beach beauty of Thailand on beaches. Called as sheltered 150 metre long boulder-framed beach, Laem Ka Beach is the ideal picnic spot as from midday on it is shady and cool. It is not only famous among tourists, but locals also give it equal importance because it offers the opportunity to chat away Sunday afternoon while their children splash around in Laem Ka's safe and blue waters just meters away. For honeymooners and those who want to enjoy romance on beaches, Laem Ka Beach is the right place to make their dream come true.

Two Heroines Monument

Heroines Monument, at the traffic roundabout on thepkasattri Road in Thalang is without any doubt, one of the top landmarks on the island that has witnessed a inspiring story of how brave lady Chan and Lady Mook led the locals of whom many were women to fight against Burmese intruders and won a battle more than two centuries ago. This place has a strong impact on the psyche of local islanders. The place speaks all about the two brave ladies who were sisters Chan and Mook – born into the head of Baan Kien Village family. Amid locals, this place has a religious significance; while you will get to know the story from local guides about the place.

Khao Phra Thaeo

Khao Phra Thaeo National Park is a paradise for wildlife lovers and for those who want to explore the real charm of Thailand that lies in jungles. Being an oasis of relaxation and a paradise for nature lovers, it is full of rich flora and fauna. Don’t miss to ride the elephant through the jungle as it can be a dream comes true. It is a way to wallowing in an ultra-cool waterfall – the very best way to get the grips with the midday tropical heat. The beautiful park is located in north of Phuket – containing the only remaining virgin rainforest on the island. The park conserves a number of species of wild animals that include barking deer, mouse deer, bears, langurs, wild board, monkeys and gibbons. You will also get a chance to see hundreds of bird species inhabit the forest vegetation that consist of huge trees, creepers and climbers.

WatPhra Thong

Wat Phra Thong or Wat Prathong, in the north of Phuket Town and near Thalang District Office, is a must see attraction for those who are on the city tour of Phuket and surrounding areas. This beautiful place is famous for a half-buried golden Buddha Statue that is called as Luang Poh Phra Thong or Golden Buddha in its grounds. It is believed to be one of the island’s oldest temples received a visit in 1909 by King Rama VI – who was the crown prince and gave it its official name. This beautiful attraction is not only a very big temple, but with its several buildings and colorful features, it is a pleasant place to see during your holidays in Phuket. This is a must to see place that will take you to the ancient time of rich architectural wonders and unique monuments of Phuket.

WatPhra Nang Sang

Located at the main Thalang Town intersection at the distance of around 20 km in North of Phuket Town on the main Highway, Wat Phra Nang Sang is a beautiful temple built on the site of an old military camp during a conflict with the Burmese. This temple has religious significance as well and it is believed to be built by a Queen of Lang Ka Wi Kingdom that is known as Phra Nang Leud Khaow or the White Blood Queen for the duration of her trip back from Sri Lanka. You will see three old tin Buddha images that are called as the Three Kings Buddha – found inside a stomach of a larger Buddha Statue. Don’t miss to see this during your tour to Phuket.

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