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Tourist Attractions in Samui

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Koh Samui or Samui is famous for natural and manmade attractions that extend beyond the beautiful beaches the island are known. The beautiful tourist place and city is situated in the Gulf of Thailand, that is known for its Paradise beaches, relaxed culture, awesome nightlife and dirt cheap prices make it a top destination for the backpacker crowd. For those who are celebrating holidays in Thailand, Koh Samui has plenty of options to get involved and to make holiday full of fun. This second largest island in Thailand has plethora of attractions. Starz Cabaret, Big Buddha temple, The Wat Khunaram temple, Sai Sin, Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks, etc are some of the wonderful places to see during your holidays in Ko Samui.

Surpassing Phuket in tourism, Ko Samui holds the second rank in tourism in Thailand after Bangkok. The main Tourist Attractions in Samui are described below:

Chaweng Beach

Chaweng, the nightlife central spot with bars and restaurants catering, is the busiest beaches of all where you will see beachside sophisticated cocktail bars and vibrant nightlife. Don’t miss to explore bars, pubs, dance bars and girly bars. Located on the northern coast of Samui, it is the longest strip of sand available in the town. This beautiful beach has been offering great swimming and plenty of water sports along with dining and accommodation options. It is also packed with sun-seekers soaking up the rays. From sun bed to cold drinks and snacks to massage, you will get everything here at a few distances. It is a paradise for singles who seek someone to spend time with during their Thailand trip. Bars and nightclubs will keep you busy for more time.

Lamai Beach

Being second largest resort area after Chewang, Lamai Beach is quieter and less bustling in comparison to Chewang. It has plenty of most luxurious accommodation, dining, entertainment and shopping experience. Not to mention great spas and massage centers as well as tourist sites to see and enjoy your holidays in Samui. For those who want to travel alone along the beach side for miles and without any disturbance in the presence of natural beauty, Lamai Beach is a paradise for them to fulfill their desire. It is also an ideal place for couples who are on their honeymoon in Thailand and planning to have the best romantic moments at the beautiful beaches.

Bophut Beach

Bophut beach, a must see beach in Samui, is sweeping down several kilometres between Big Buddha and Maenam beaches and perhaps one of the oldest places on the island. The charming Fisherman’s Village is also wonderful that takes up the middle section of the beach that is the most elegant and well preserved place on the island. What draw attention of tourists here is the site of old wooden Chinese shop-houses, interspaced with a few modern buildings that match the tone and retains a distinctly Mediterranean feel. White sand dunes, crystal clear water, tranquility and a way to enjoy cruise holidays will draw your attention again towards Bophut Beach. It is one of the must see beaches during your holidays in Samui.

Mae Nam Beach

Mae Nam Beach, another wonderful and a must see beach to see is known for its 7 km stretch of beach that has white sand lined by coconut trees. What draw your attention here is the calm environment and moderate drift as well as water that is not usually clear. The beautiful beach has been gazing across the water to Ko Pha Ngan to the north and counted as the longest of North-Coast beaches on Ko Samui with quieter Bang Po and Baan Tai stretching to the west and busier Bophut set in east. It is an ideal beach for lounging and swimming that always attract tourists from across the world.

Namtok Na Muang

Na Muang Waterfalls or Namtok Na Muang, is a majectic set of two cascades on Koh Samui showing that the island’s beauty is not all about beaches, but for something more. Na Muang falls are around 12 km southeast of Nathon Bay. Waterfall has divided into different points. The first one flows down into a pretty natural pool providing a cool escape from the heat; while you will also see another one at uphill – the smaller yet eqully inviting Na Muang 2. Being a must see site for those who are on their tour to Koh Samui. It is a perfect place for those who want to have some of the fascinated photographs of their Thailand tours.

WatKhunaramKo Samui

Wat Khunaram is one of the beautiful and oldest Buddhist temples on the island of Ko Samui in Surat Thani Province. Called as the shrine of Mummy Monk – Luang Pho Daeng (died in 1973). The Mummified monk of Koh Samui in temple complex is one of the must see attraction here. It is a religions place with more respect among locals. What will you see here is mummy monk displaying in an upright glass casket surrounded by flowers, candles, incense sticks and fruits that are offering the body of Koh Samui’s most famous monk. This body is worshipped by locals and death is seen as an opportunity to be reborn in a next and better life. During your tour to Ko Samui, you will also explore various other destinations; but aforementioned are wonderful to explore and provide you a way of having more fun and pleasure during your holidays.

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