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Tourist Attractions in Sukhothai

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Sukhothai – the UNESCO World Heritage City, is known for housing a vast number of historical sites and temple ruins. Earlier called as the capital city of Siam, the beautiful city has been witnessing a heavy influx of tourists all round the year due to its location. The beautiful city is a quiet rural city where you can still relish the charms of Thailand’s rustic lifestyle. There are various beautiful and wonderful attractions to see here that will keep you enticed and surprise you. They will persuade you to plan your holidays again. Some of the most beautiful attractions include Wat Chedi Jet Taew, Celadon Kiln Site and Conservation Centre and King Ramakhamhaeng the Great Monument. In addition, Ramakhamhaeng Museum, Ramakhamhaeng National Park and Si Satchanalai Historical Park are also must see attractions.

Finding the main Tourist Attractions in Sukhothai, the list is given below along with descriptions :

Old Sukhothai City

Old Sukhothai City or Sukhothai Historical Park covers an area about 70 square km; while it has been containing more than 190 historical ruins. You will see the city wall and moat inside the city; while Wat Mahathat stands as the spiritual centre of the kingdom. Not to mention the royal palace (ruins now) that lies to its northwest. When you visit the north of the city, you will see Wat Phra Pai Luang that is believed to the original foundation site of the Sukhothai Kingdom. During your tour to Old Sukhothai city, you will get a chance to know about the real ancient culture and traditions of Thailand along with know about the rich royal lifestyle. Your tour to Thailand will be surprising by see this place.

Wat Chedi Jet Taew

Among some of the popular attractions that you will see during your day out to Sukhothai attractions, Wat CHedi Jet Taew is a must see attraction. The beautiful Chedi Jet Taew got its name from its seven rows of chedi that were built in many styles like Lankan, Pagan, and Srivijaya. It is claimed by Prince Damrongjanuphap that this temple could be where they kept the bones of the royal family during Sukhothai period. The significant creations here are the chedi with the lotus shape, the Wihan and 33 subordinate chedi located. Amazing architectural wonders will keep you surprised and persuade you to travel here again and again. It is an ideal place for those who want to collect some artifacts about the rich history of Sukhithai City.

Celadon Kiln Site and Conservation Centre

During your tour to Sukhothai, you will see various attractions. Among some of the popular attractions, you will find Celadon Kiln Site and Conservation Centre the ideal one. Located at Ban Ko Noi around 4 kilometers to the north of Si Satchanalai, this beautiful site is a klin site. It has more than 500 limestone kilns that were exposed along with other numerous celadon wares and pots which are still in the perfect condition. As for the kiln, you will see most of them most are in the shape of oval with the curved roof and is 7-8 meters in width. Talking more about the center, it is divided into two buildings which are built to cover the kilns number 42 and 61. Also inside the centre, there are exhibitions of ancient artifacts and the evolution of ancient ceramic wares.

King Ramakhamhaeng the Great Monument

Description and details of attractions are counted as incomplete without talking about the King Ramakhamhaeng the Great Monument. King Ramakhamaeng was the third king of Phra Ruang Dynasty – ruling the Sukhothai Kingdom during its most prosperous era. He is also known for getting credit for the creation of the Thai Alphabet and the firm establishment of Theravada Buddhism as the state religio of the kingdom. During your trip to Sukhothai, you will get a chance to know more about the attraction and its rich history. Don’t forget to ask your tour guide about the deep inside of the place.

Ramakhamhaeng Museum

Thailand is famous for having some of the most beautiful and amazing museums that are known for providing you details of rich history and cultural facts of Thailand. Among some of the top museums, Ramakhamhaeng Museum is the most popular one. The museum exhibits artifacts and antiques that are found during a series of excavations in Sukhothai Historical Park and Sri Satchanalai Historical Park in 1960s. There are various highlights of the museum that are Sukhothai style Buddha Images – regarded as the most beautiful Buddhist image-style in the Thai History. Building is also beautiful and at prime location. You will see a number of other artifacts that will surprise you to see during your holidays in Sukhothai.

Ramakhamhaeng National Park

Called as Khao Luang, Ramakhamhaeng National Park is the must see destination to explore during your tour to Sukhothai. The beautiful national park is in Ban Dan Lan Hoi, Khiri Mat and Mueang Sukhothai districts of Sukhothai Province – the north of Thailand. Majority of the park is land within the contours of the Khao Luang Mountain Range. Khao Luang is like a giant hill in the middle of the rice field. Not to mention the four main peaks of the Khao Luang range, Khao Phu Kha, Khao Phra Mae Ya, Khao Chedi and Khao Pha Narai. There are various water ranges that include Khlong Ta Chek, Khlong Sao Ho, Khlong Wang Ngen, Khlong Noen Khli, Khlong Duang Ngam, Khlong Lan Thong, Khlong Masang, and Khong Phetchahueng are also tributaries of the Yom River to the east, and the Ping River in the west.

Si Satchanalai Historical Park

The Si Satchanalai Histroical Park, covering the ruins of St Satchanalai and Chaliang is called as the City of good people. This city was rectangular in shape while covered by a 5-meter high wall with an upstream moat that was built to fend off the growing Burmese attacks. Not to mention two neighboring dominant hills. This beautiful park is maintained y the Fine Arts Department of Thailand with the help from UNESCO that has declared it as World Heritage Site together with the associated historic parks. This famous park attracts thousands of tourists all round the year and persuades them to spend more time here.

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