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Travel Tips

Choosing an affordable Thailand Tour Packages. or your preferred Thailand Honeymoon Packages is certainly a good way of getting rid of all hassles. Going through important travel tips will be icing on the cake to make your Thailand tour remarkable. Locals in this beautiful country are loveable and known for their pleasant greeting ways. They love to host to their guests. However, what is more important to note is that they are deeply religious and well-cultured. Before starting your tour like a local or like a tourist, it is important to know about their culture, traditions and rituals.

However, Tourist Authority of Thailand has already published a book to make you aware of the things to do and don’t. Some of the essential travel tips are the following.

Holding hands or walking around, but within the limits is allowed here. Public display of affection is prohibited or it may against the limits of the moral Police.
Celebrating beach holidays as topless is not allowed here. It is in appropriate in Thailand.
According to the Thai culture, head is the sacred part of body. Therefore, touching one on head or passing something over one’s head is counted as a wrong thing that may be annoying too. Don’t try to do it in a friendly gesture too.
Don’t touch or point someone with your foot as it is counted as rude in Thailand. Don’t disrespect someone during your holidays in Thailand.
• Thai women are prohibited from touching the monks or to directly offer anything to them. She has to hand it to man in case of offering them something. If you are a lady or a lady with you want to present something to monks on monasteries, it is important to hand it over to a man first.
If you are entering a Buddhist Temple, it is important to ensure to take off your shoes or slippers. You should be well-dressed with full clothing on body. You can go through the dressing guide that is mentioned on the signboards outside the temple.
The Royals are respected everywhere in Thailand. You should also keep this in mind and show respect to the members of Royal Family.
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